Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bowman Family

There are so many great aspects of being a photographer ... using creativity, playing with light, and seeing your finished product are just a few.  However, one of the most rewarding aspects of all is being asked to capture images for people you've known for a long time -- to be invited into their world for a few hours.

This weekend, I had the honor of photographing the family of an old friend ... 22 years old, to be exact.  It was wonderful to catch up with him, to meet his wife and son, and to click my shutter a few hundred times too.  This precious family session has proven to be one of my most difficult to "choose favorites" to compose a sneak peek.  Nevertheless, I did my best to narrow it down, and here they are.

Enjoy a sneak peek of the Bowman Family!

(^ this one's my absolute favorite!!!)

The End

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