Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Photo Shoot Week

Since most of last weeks photography session were "personal" in nature, I'm going to share them with you in a single blogpost.  I was blessed this time to have a set of helping hands.  My best friend {in the entire universe}, Emily, came to visit me last week in lieu of our cancelled 10-year high school reunion.  She helped me shoot our family Fall photos ... and the following day ... we had the beautiful idea of a "best friends" mini session.  It was SO much fun!  After Emily returned home, I took the opportunity to snap some "glamour shots" of our beloved dog, Daisy Mae.  She is our newly (July) rescued furbaby ... and has been a true asset to our family since her arrival.  We are so blessed!

*   *   *

Family Fall 2014

*   *   *

"Besties" Minisession

*   *   *

Daisy Mae's "Diva" Shots

Thanks for looking!

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